Monday, April 12, 2010

Earth Day 2010 - April 22 2010 - Enjoy a 10% off entire purchase through April 2010

It's another year, how fast.... last year, we offered a 5% discount for Earth Day. Do you know what is Earth Day? Earth Day is a great day to spend it with your friends, family and kids and remind them about how important the environment is. Also, Earth Day falls on April 22nd of every year.

Well, MamaLittleHelper would love to share this wondering day with our customers, therefore, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our product from now until 04/30/2010. MamaLittleHelper knows how important it is to go green, that is why we are offering the baby cloth diapers and guess what, they are organic! Come get your baby needs as soon as possible.


Monday, November 16, 2009

MamaLittleHelper Organic Bamboo Cloth Diapers - Available in Malaysia NOW!

Calling all cloth diaper mama... MamaLittleHelper's Organic Cloth Diaper is now available in Malaysia.

Our CDs comes in 5 different colors now:
- Peachy Peach
- Baby Green
- Buttercup Yellow
- Pure White
- Baby Blue

Try one out and you will definitely come back for more.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Consignment Sale - Frisco TX FBC Frisco MOPS' Twice as Nice'

Calling all mom around the DFW area. I am very excited. We are considering becoming a sponsor. In the mean time, I just wanted to let all parents out there that there is a huge consignment sale. I personally have been to this consignment sale last year and there were lots of bargains.

Saturday, October 17 - OPEN TO PUBLIC
12:30pm-2:00pm (half price sale)

First Baptist Church of Frisco
7901 Main Street
Frisco, Texas 75034

Please click here to go to the directly to the page.

Frisco Consignment Sale

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 7th Annual ABC Kids Expo - September 13th - 16th in Las Vegas

We are trying to do as many shows as we can. Therefore, MamaLittleHelper is heading out to Vegas in September! Vegas baby! We are going to be placing a booth with the 7th Annual ABC Kids Expo. It is the biggest kids expo in the nation and open for retailers as well as wholesalers. It is from September 13 to 16th 2009 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Our booth number is 7425, we are very close to Fisher-Price (7300) and Delta Childrens Product (7710).

We would love to put our baby hammocks and organic bamboo cloth in retail as well as online stores that you as we consumer can get them in your local retail stores. We know that some people prefers to touch and feel an item before purchasing it and we are working on it!

For buyers, if there is a local store where you would like our products to be available, please email us at and inform us the Retailer's Store name and contact person if available.

In the mean time, we made out more than a thousand brochures and sent them out to the list of buyers that will be attending the baby show. Here it is, please check them out. Here is the link if you would like to print them out.

We hope to see you guys at the ABC Kids Expo next week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How can MamaLittleHelper Baby Hammock help acid reflux babies?

Here are just some tips about baby acid reflux:

  • Constant or sudden crying
  • Spitting up after meal (Sometimes could be projectile vomiting)
  • Short nappers (Frequently waking up)
Advise from people to help the baby:
  • Get MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock to help your baby sleep. The elevation (From 5 to 45 degrees) will help your baby sleep better together with the motion.
  • Maintain an upright position after feeding. I was told to hold him up for 15-20 minutes after each meal.
  • Change to Enfamil A.R Lipil Milk or any A.R milk
  • Talk to you doctor, they will probably give you prescription medication such as Prevacid.
  • According to a lot of sites, you should continue to breastfeed because breast milk is well-known to have many advantages over formula as breast milk is easier and digest faster. I couldn't do this, the reason is because I didn't produce a lot of milk.
  • Try to make your baby sleep on the left side. It is because this position allows the inlet of the stomach to be higher than the exit. According to this, it will help to keep the food down.
My Little Story of our baby boy who suffered from baby acid reflux
Well, first of all, I just wanted all our my readers to know that I have a little boy and when he was born, he was so easy to take care. For the first 2 weeks, he would just sleep and get up for food, and then sleep. Life was perfect then.

Then, comes the 2nd week.... the nightmare begins. He was spitting up, he was hardly sleeping much. He would be throwing up after each meal. Every time he passes out gas, he would cry. I felt like I was going crazy. I am so glad that mom was here to help, I wouldn't have make it without her.

We brought him to the doctor for the regular checkups and told her about our problems. She then told me that he had acid reflux. He was then given Prevacid I believe is the name of the medication. Since it was more than 2 years ago, I don't remember exactly how often he had to take it. But then, one week, and then 2 weeks past, he still was doing the same thing. Since this is my first baby, I didn't know much about acid reflux and thought that maybe she's a fairly young doctor, she didn't know what she's talking about. So, we saw another doctor instead. Without telling him much about what our previous doctor said, he told us that he had acid reflux too. He then was given the same medication and on top of that, another medicine. I will try to look for my records to see what other medication it was.

Though, both medication did not help. So, I turn to the internet, to look for words like Acid Reflux babies, How to get your baby to sleep, My baby doesn't sleep, Baby spitting, etc. So, I tried putting him in the car seat, it only worked for 1 day, then, putting him on the car seat on the dryer, didn't work. Drove out at 1am, he was screaming at first but stopped after 10 minutes. I went on the road with most bump, hey, it worked, as soon as I turn back and about 1 minute from home, he started crying again. It was just a nightmare.

Everyday, we would find something new and it would probably work for a day or two, even tried the womb bear, it worked for a few days and that's about it. Then, the 10th week is when I was sent to Asia for work and was finally able to bring this baby hammock back. As soon as I put him in... wa la... he kept quiet and started sleeping longer and longer in it. That's how I decided that this would help babies with reflux. Actually, there are a lot of recommendations out there to get baby hammock for reflux babies but not all of them work.

What can MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock do for your baby with acid reflux?
MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock is designed in such a way where the baby's head is elevated. We are coming out with an extra wedge that fits in the baby hammock so that it elevates even more but even with what MamaLittlHelper Baby Hammock offer, it should work.

Take a look at the picture below. You can see that there are 3 levels of elevation.
Level 1 = Most babies would use this, including babies that recovers from reflux.
Level 2 = Less severe reflux babies or babies that likes to sleep with the head a little higher.
Level 3 = More severe reflux babies that needs elevation and rocking. (Approximately 45 degree angle)

The doll in the picture is approximately 16". It's smaller than a newborn but close. Infact, it could be close to a premature baby and if you see, the baby is virtually sitting up and you can see the angle from this picture.

The good thing about MamaLittleHelper Baby Hammock is that you can always change it to just the normal setting so that your baby lay down straight.

Try one of MamaLittleHelper Baby Hammock today to help soothe your reflux baby. You can contact us at or 972-821-1422. If we don't pick up the phone, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Personally, I think anything that works best for you and your baby, you should try. Good luck. It was a painful experience but we learn a lot. Luckily, he grew out of it at about week 13.

Please note that any advice and information provided in this blog is given as suggestions base on experience and research done by us and should not be taken as a professional medical diagnosis or opinion. Please consult your pediatrician or healthcare provider, and urge you to contact them immediately if your question is urgent.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Comparison of a Ghodiyu or Ghodiya or Thooli to a Baby Hammock

We notice that about 20% of our customers were originally from India that are living here in United States. Some even came back to get for their relatives. So, I was curious and I asked my customers, why do they like the baby hammock so much. They told me that because it looks and is used exactly like a Ghodiyu.

Ghodiyu is an Indian word that means "to help the baby sleep" or it means an Indian Cradle as well. Apparently, the ghodiyu or ghodiya has been used
preRaam Bhagwan era. They pronounce it as "God-yu". I was also told that people from South India use something called a Thooli. According to her, thooli means cradle in Tamil (Indian word). It's a hammock that's hung from the ceiling rather than a stand.

So, we thought of just having a summary of the benefits of our baby hammock over the ghodiyu:
  • Our baby hammock is JPMA certified, the ghodiyu is not.
  • The baby hammock can be taken apart in less than 5 minutes, placed in a travel bag and easily checked in if you like to travel with your baby hammock. With the ghodiyu, you cannot do that.
  • There is no tools required to assemble the baby hammocks. In less than 5 minutes, you will be able to set up the baby hammock but not for the ghodiyu.
  • The ghodiyu is a lot more bulky compared to the baby hammock. The baby hammock is a lot more compact.
  • The ghodiyu does not help with reflux baby. Our baby hammock comes with the 3 levels of elevation, recommended for all reflux babies.
  • The ghodiyu cannot work with any automatic cradles, therefore, you will always have to manually rock the baby yourself with the tether provide. As for the baby hammock, if you decide to get the automatic baby hammock unit, it is "HANDS FREE" baby rocking.
  • There were complains in the web stating that the ghodiyu scratches the hard wood floors.
  • Most importantly, the baby hammock actually mimics being in mama's tummy. When mama walks, the motion is up and down, only the baby hammock can provide. The ghodiyu is just like a baby swing that you can get from Walmart or Target and can only go side to side or front to back. This is the biggest benefit of the baby hammock over the baby swing.

We took a picture from the web to share with all how the ghodiyu looks like versus our MamaLittleHelper Baby Hammock.

To purchase one of our baby hammock, please go to to get one. We are offering a 5% discount for buyers who purchase after reading our blog using checkout code: babyblog0609.


Pictures from our customers of their babies using our baby hammock. Thanks for sharing!

I thought that it was very nice of our customers for sharing some of their pictures of their babies in MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock. There are some pictures of their baby in other baby hammocks with our Portable Automatic Self Rocking baby hammock unit.

Please enjoy. For any questions, please email us at or call us at 972-821-1422.